Why does my headphones keep breaking?

Answer I would not call $30.00 headphone GOOD headphones, a good set of headphones will set you back $100+.try cleaning the headphone jack. since you cannot really clean it out like a bench tech would, th... Read More »

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Why do one or both of my headphones keep breaking?

Might you possibly be abusing the cord? They are very delicate and the wires inside them are easily broken or disconnected from their connections within the ear-pieces, or the connection jack. Tr... Read More »

How can I stop breaking my headphones?

That is definitely the root of the problem! NEVER EVER wrap the cord around ANYTHING, it will bust the wire IN NO TIME. Also, DO NOT JERK your head when listening to music, and avoid keeping the ea... Read More »

How can I prevent my mp3 headphones from breaking?

I have the same problem...But it's inevitable because if we really don't want them to get broken, we should not use them at all. And since that's out of the picture, lol, the only way to keep them ... Read More »

How to Avoid Breaking Your Headphones?

Constantly breaking your headphones? Headphones not sounding great even though you can remember not doing anything wrong to them? Here a few a simple things to keep your headphones producing good m... Read More »