Why does my groin itch?

Answer Both men and women can suffer from itching in the groin area. The itching is often accompanied by a red circular rash that can affect the upper thighs, buttocks and general groin area. Women often ... Read More »

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What are small light brown spots that do not hurt or itch are not raised and are not dry on your inner thighs around the groin area?

These brownish spots are a fungus. Dark, sweaty areas are most likely places for this problem. Everyone has fungus in their bodies. I am not sure if it is a worse problem, but I cannot get rid of m... Read More »

A Lump on my Groin. It's a Tender Groin.?

Sound's like a hernia. have it checked out by a Doctor.

What does it mean if your groin is swollen?

Please see a doctor ASAP. This can be caused by testicular torsion and if it gets worse, the testicle can actually die and have to be removed if it's not treated.I don't want to scare you, but I j... Read More »

Why does a guy's groin hurt so bad when something hits it?

Because there are over 100 nerves in the males genitalia... though not so fast for you guys (and girls) saying that a girl cannot know that pain. For those of you saying to compare it to a "boob sh... Read More »