Why does my girlfriend urinate uncontrolably when she climaxes?

Answer I'm glad YOU realize what that is! Most guys find that stuff hot, thinking it's some kind of female ejaculate or something ;)

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Why does one urinate when one drinks alcohol?

Urinate?I never have. No wonder my belly keeps getting bigger and bigger.I just thought I was pregnant from Yahoo! screwing me.

Why does my belly button tingle when I urinate?

No it is not okay, it is illegal. It is a Federal crime in the US to have sex with anyone under the age of 13. 12 is a very young age to lose your virginity. The majority of women who lose it at t... Read More »

What does it mean when I urinate often?

It may be a sign of Diabetes, I asked a a friend of mine who has it, what were his first signs of it, he said he would have to go often.

Why does a Diabetic urinate so much when their blood sugar is high?

Hey Harley Mama,When the blood sugar rises and there isn't enough insulin in the body to get the sugar into the cell -- the tissues begin to flood the blood stream with stored fluid so that your ki... Read More »