Why does my foot feel so weird?

Answer You could be suffering from some sort of allergic reaction or you could have a parasite in your foot. You should consult a doctor.

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Girls, does it feel weird for you a to wear a bra?

You get used to it fast, and feels like any other peice of clothing after a while. Though some bra's are more comfy then others.

Does your vagina feel weird after sex?

Some people might say it does, especially if they are not sexually active often.

What does a broken foot feel like?

These are the signs and symptoms of a broken foot: Inability to walk, swelling/sprain, throbbing pain, bruising, etc.

I can't feel my right foot and can't point my toes up Foot Drop?

Foot Drop doesn't happen instantly like that. I have it and it is a very gradual condition, that takes months or years to show up.