Why does my font size keep changing?

Answer You don't say which browser you're using. Does the font only shrink inside your browser or does it do it with other programs? Does it do it with Windows itself?If the font shrinks randomly with oth... Read More »

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HTML Code for Changing Font Color?

HTML tags enable you to create a Web page using various page elements. You can add styles like as size, thickness and color to HTML elements using the Cascading Stylesheets Format or CSS. Perhaps y... Read More »

What is a font size?

A font size refers to the size of a typeface in terms of how many points it's made up of from the lowest descender to the highest ascender. For example, a size 12 font is made up of 12 points, whil... Read More »

How do I change the font size for XP?

On your desktop, right-click on any open area. In the drop-down menu, select "Properties." This will open the "Display Properties" dialog box. At the top of the dialog box, select the "Appearance" ... Read More »

What is a font size measured in?

A font is measured in points, with each point equaling 1/72 of an inch, according to Font width is measured by pitch, which is the number of characters that can fit into an inch of s... Read More »