Why does my fan speed vary on my Gateway computer?

Answer Fans are used to cool the inside of the computer case. They help pull cool air into the system and force out the warm air.TemperatureThe most common reason the fan will vary in speed is due to the ... Read More »

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Why does the speed of downloading videos vary with me?

some web servers restrict download speed accordingly. This depends upon how much traffic the server is encountering at any time. The way the traffic changes will affect the your speed.

How do I speed up a Gateway laptop?

Open the Control PanelSpeed up your Gateway laptop by freeing up space on your hard drive. Delete any unused software programs and files. Click the "Start" button. Click "Control Panel." Click the ... Read More »

How to Upgrade a Gateway E2000's CPU Speed?

The Gateway E2000 from Gateway Computers is a multimedia PC first released in 2003. Being a pre-built computer that only has a maximum of 1 gigabyte RAM support, squeezing every bit of power out of... Read More »

How to Upgrade an Old Gateway Computer?

Performing a system upgrade to your old Gateway computer is a good alternative to shelling out the additional money to purchase a new model. This will enable you to extend the useful life of your o... Read More »