Why does my fan speed vary on my Gateway computer?

Answer Fans are used to cool the inside of the computer case. They help pull cool air into the system and force out the warm air.TemperatureThe most common reason the fan will vary in speed is due to the ... Read More »

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Why does the speed of downloading videos vary with me?

some web servers restrict download speed accordingly. This depends upon how much traffic the server is encountering at any time. The way the traffic changes will affect the your speed.

Does Gateway have a mini computer?

Gateway has a line of smaller computers, called the MX series. The dimensions are 3.93 by 4.2 inches wide and starting at 12.4 inches deep. The height is 10.43 by 10.7 inches.References:Gateway: G... Read More »

What kind of memory does a gateway gt5028 computer need?

Established in Iowa in 1985, Gateway is the manufacturer of quality computers, monitors and computer accessories. The Gateway GT5028 is a desktop PC and utilizes DDR400 SDRAM PC3200 memory DIMMs. T... Read More »

What is the function of RAM in computer and how does its speed affect computer?

Ram is Random Access Memory, or what people think of as "Memory". Instructions are executed out of memory, so your computer cannot operate without it. Memory speed can be a limiting factor for yo... Read More »