Why does my family care more about my sister than me?

Answer Maybe because you might be really bratty or she makes you look bad (on purpose or not). Try to act better and nicer than your sister.

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My older sister is more liked than me.. my family aunts uncles ect dont seem to show as much compassion to me and they are saying how slim she is how can I change that?

You can't change how others feel or behave; you can only change how you feel and behave:A) Please don't blame your sister, she can't control their behavior. B) Slim is not the kind of person she i... Read More »

Does a sister have to forgive the younger sister more?

Yes. As a younger brother I learned more from my older brother then by him ignoring me. If you really love your sister you should atleast try to talk to her.

Can the husband bed more than one Sister Wife at the same time?

No, that is not the way a relationship like their's works.

How come your little sister has more energy than you?

It could just be because she is younger than you.