Why does my face turn red when I drink alcohol?

Answer When alcohol is consumed, facial blood vessels dilate, resulting in increased blood flow and a flushed face for some drinkers. Other people have a genetic variation that affects the way their body ... Read More »

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Why do I get pimples on my face ,after I wash my face with soap and I scrub hard?

I scrubbed hard on my chin and I ended up getting pimples too. You can 1. Scrub a little softerOR2. Get a new scrub but still scrub lightly.

Does working in the garden after a stressfull day make you feel mulch better?

If that is the case I shouldn't have any stress because I farm all day. LOL Yes, It's a great feeling to plant a seed or a tree. Flipping soil with a plow in the spring is the best time of the y... Read More »

Why Does My Hair Turn Yellow after I Lighten It?

Beautiful blond locks and lustrous highlighted hair are enviable traits that many try to achieve. You purchase hair products for lightening your strands in the hopes of attaining desirable tones, o... Read More »

Why does my HP monitor go to sleep 10 minutes after I turn the computer on?

I have the same problem with my HP which isn't even a year old yet. It was real hot too, the fan wasn't working, but even when I had it fixed it still overheats and it goes into sleep mode when I'... Read More »