Why does my face get red when I exercise?

Answer Facial flushing occurs when the body pumps blood to the extremities, including the face, in an attempt to cool off during exercise. Similar to sweating, moving blood to the surface of the body can ... Read More »

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When insulating a homes crawlspace does the paper side face the underside of the flooring above or does it face down?

Crawl Space vapor barrier and insulation Vapor retarder (commonly known as Vapor Barrier), is commonly used to keep moisture out of a defined area space or material. The 2006 International Building... Read More »

How to Exercise the Face?

Most people are aware of the importance of muscle tone to a body’s general health and appearance. The facial muscles can be trained just as easily as other muscles in the body. The shape of the f... Read More »

Why does my knee hurt when i try and exercise?

You aren't going to like my answer. But, with years of experience, most of it very painful, I think I can speak with some authority on knee joint pain. You need to rest your knee. You might rest it... Read More »

Natural Face Lift Exercise?

Face lifts are an expensive way for a person to look younger. For those who cannot afford a face lift procedure or simply do not want to be operated on, there are exercises that will help tone the... Read More »