Why does my face always get so hot and red ?

Answer Another way to cool this down, as it may be an anxiety problem, is to run cold water over your hands for a couple of minutes as it lowers your temperature. Take the time to get some fresh air until... Read More »

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Why is my face always red and hot?

I knew someone in my class like that. The reason their face got flush red is because they had diabetes. I'm not saying that is the case with you, just that it could be health related. Or it might b... Read More »

Why is my face always so oily?

Don't use anything like rubbing alcohol or peroxide on your face because it will dry your face out, which will also cause pimples. Your skin's and body's oil is your natural moisturizer, but if you... Read More »

How to make sure skin face is always clean?

Buy facial wipes and carry them in your bag with you.

How can two spaceships meeting always face the right way up in sci-fi movies?

Of course, there's no physical cause for spaceships when they meet to face the right way up, in movies or in the real cosmos. The reason they do is based on the director and how it looks to the aud... Read More »