Why does my ear feel clogged?

Answer Clean your ears out with warm water and follow it up with some peroxide. Do this 3 times. First warm water let sit for 10 sec. Second clear ear of water. Third add peroxide let sit for 1 min. Lastl... Read More »

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During the first trimester of pregnancy can you feel the baby and if so what does it feel like?

Answer Most likely you will not feel the baby move until the 2nd trimester. If you felt the baby move in the first trimester, it would be in the 3rd month and you would feel a little tickle or flut... Read More »

My Toilet Is Overflowing and Does Not Seem to Be Clogged?

It's natural to suspect a clogged waste line if your toilet overflows, and nine times out of 10, that's the problem. If you can't clear it, it may be too far down the waste line for your tools to b... Read More »

How Does Clogged Pores Cause Acne?

The olfactory and gustatory nerve cells, which govern smell and taste respectively, are very closely related. This close relationship becomes especially evident when undertaking a science fair proj... Read More »

Does chelation therapy help clogged arteries?

Chelation therapy is a medical practice designed to remove heavy metals from the body, and can be very effective in removing plaque from clogged arteries.Clogged ArteriesClogged arteries are caused... Read More »