Why does my ear do this No one else I asked knows?

Answer Tinnitus, that ringing soud you hear is called Tinnitus.This sound, temporary hearing loss... making the idea of getting deaf in the spot light. ( you can be certain if you check some sites that as... Read More »

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Got asked to dance and he asked by pouring a ton of leaves on my lawn with a note that said dont "leave" me?

Please don't tell me why I asked this.?

I love MCRthere my fav band but not the Joblows but i dont really hate them that much my fave bands are( not in any order):mCRthe usedHIMCobra starshipTokio HotelNivarna DisturbedGreen DayHawthorn ... Read More »

Have you been asked .........................?

What?! NO.Anyway, I like to eat apple by itself. The red delicious crunchy apple. Yum!

Have you ever been asked for I.D. even though your old enough to buy what you like?

I get ID'ed pretty much everytime i go into my local Wetherspoon's, i'm 24 now, but the annoying thing is that i haven't had any ID for the past 4 years, now i'm getting fed up with being turned aw... Read More »