Why does my dtv converter get a better signal at night?

Answer It could be a number of things.1. Some commercial/industrial is interfering with TV reception. When they go home and turn off their equipment, you don't get the interference, and there for can rece... Read More »

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When the TV signal goes digital why don't you need a converter box if you have cable?

Cable and satellite providers are required to support analog viewers until 2012. Not all cable systems are currently digital, however the cable boxes currently in use do output analog signals for ... Read More »

My government mandated tv digital converter box has an inadequate signal. What can I do?

Listen to Garrison above. Give him Best Answer. You need a better antenna.

How to connect a digital signal converter to a direct tv receiver?

Why does the no signal message appear on the converter box screen for most of the local channels?

your connection is too strong, reduce the size of the antenna.