Why does my dog take food out of its dish and put it on the floor?

Answer Many dog owners experience frustration at dinner time when Fido grabs a mouthful of kibble from the bowl and scoots off under a table or into another room to eat.Ancestral MentalityFor many dogs, t... Read More »

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What cartoon involved cooking up a food dish and throwing a card into it transforming the food into a creature that was used to fight?

U like indian food what dish?

A Keralite settled abroad, I like our Chemmeen (Prawns) Fry (Porichadhu) the most !

HELP, Need a quick Food dish!!?

Spaghetti with bottled tomato sauce and hot dog slices.

HELP I need a quick food dish?

Tuna pasta and mayonnaise on jacket potato...takes 15 mins for spud and pasta all together...