Why does my dog smell its urine?

Answer Proper human manners are not the same as proper canine manners. Your dog smelling its urine may seem appalling and representative of bad manners, but this couldn't be further from the truth.Signifi... Read More »

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Does vicodin make urine smell bad?

Why Does Cat Urine Smell Like Ammonia?

Cat urine can have a strong, distinct smell of ammonia. This is because cat urine is concentrated when expelled from the body and is ammonia-based. There are ways to reduce the ammonia smell. In so... Read More »

Does the urine smell sweet during pregnancy?

if you have developed gestational diabetes it can. sweet smelling urine is a symptom of diabetes.

Does vinegar help remove a urine smell?

On One Hand: Vinegar is RecommendedThere are several homemade formulas that are recommended for removing urine odor from carpet, upholstery and other household surfaces. Most of the formulas inclu... Read More »