Why does my dog smell, even after a bath?

Answer Dogs have a distinctive smell that can be unpleasant to the human nose. Bathing usually helps remove the dog smell, but some dogs smell bad even after they have been bathed.InfectionA skin infectio... Read More »

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Why do i smell bad even though i bath once a month?

u should be proud of yourself... u know.. there was this guy from Britain(some earl) who bathed only thrice his life. u should keep him as you role model... rich ppl do not bath so often either.u s... Read More »

How do you get rid of the mildew smell in bath towels?

Wash, them every couple days and washing them in the dryer.

How to Smell Good Without Taking a Bath or Shower?

Are you getting ready for that special date but don't have time to take a shower or bath? Did your parents tell you to freshen up, but you are too lazy to take a bath or shower? Admit it, do you st... Read More »

I smell terrible, yet I have a bath every Sunday without fail, I also use strong anti perspirant, what more?

If you are serious then there are several measures that you can take:wash with unscented soap - and I mean under armpits, legpits and chest flaps at least twice a day in addition to your weekly ba... Read More »