Why does my dog nibble with his front teeth?

Answer A dog uses its mouth to do a number of things, from expressing emotion or discomfort, to grooming and social interactions. The "nibbling" exhibited by a dog can mean a number of things, depending o... Read More »

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What options does a 17-year-old with huge front teeth and a big gap between them have?

Answer Your option would be to go to a dental surgeon to have then put some braces on. They do have braces that you can't see. Answer I don't know what others think, but I think they are quiet fas... Read More »

Will crowns on two front top teeth look different than the rest of the teeth?

Answer Crowns can be custom stained, shaped, etc. They can look however you want them to look. Something to think about is that if you get a porcelain and metal crown, eventually the metal may sta... Read More »

My bottom front teeth are hamster teeth..Can they be shaved down?

just do what the hamsters do, start chewing on metal bars!!!

Can you use teeth effect bands to close the gap in your front teeth?

Answer I purchased teeth effects a month ago. Now the gap is completely gone I can't stop smiling I feel like a new person. I used to wear braces for the same problem, but I tell you, teeth effects... Read More »