Why does my dog move so much when he's sleeping?

Answer If you own a dog, chances are you have observed erratic movements while the dog is sleeping. You might wonder what makes the dog move. Believe it or not, dogs have sleep patterns similar to humans.... Read More »

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When does a kid usually move from sleeping in a crib to sleeping in a bed?

There's no set time. It depends more on why you want to move him/her to a bed.Is the kid is too big for the crib?But does that balance out against whether you want the kid to be getting out of bed ... Read More »

When your Sick , how much does Sleeping Help?

Ive had a sore throat and headache, gone to bed, and woke up feeling like i was going to DIE ...sleep sumtimes give bugs time to worsen how you feel.. then sumtimes a good rest makes you feel a lil... Read More »

My brothers probably going to move out soon and we're really close i like spending time with him but will the effect be worse when he does move any suggestions?

Inability to take responsibility for one's own actions is a weakness of character; unless a person can overcome this, they will continue to do things that hurt others. The only way you can deal wit... Read More »

Does sleeping too much make you tired?

Absolutly!!! When we sleep chemicals are relased into our brains and too much sleep will definatly make you want to sleep more. Notice, when you stay awake too long you get spurts of energy until y... Read More »