Why does my dog keep coughing&snorting?

Answer Dogs cough and hack for a number of reasons, some minor and curable, others more serious. To determine what the cause is, you will have to note when your dog coughs and snorts, and provide a veteri... Read More »

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If the father does not sign the birth certificate because the baby does not keep his last name does he still have the responsibility to pay child support?

Yes he does. The mother can request a court-ordered paternity test. If the test is positive then the court will issue a child support order and the father can request a visitation order as well.

What does the military and homeland security does to keep us safe?

Does exercise keep you young or does it wear the body down?

It depends on what you're looking for. Exercise is good but high impact activities wear down your joints. Professional dancers see their hips give out. Runners lose their knees. Exposure to the... Read More »

Why does my leg keep twitching?

Maybe it's thirsty to twerk. Try twerking. Twerk the twitch out.