Why does my dog itch each spring?

Answer Sneezing and watery eyes might be the common reaction of humans when they have spring allergies, but for dogs, it is itchy skin. If your dog is itching during the springtime, there is a good chance... Read More »

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Is there a dinfference between front spring and back spring on a liner and shader machine?

It depends on what your setting your shader for. Color? Black and grey? Smooth black and gray?If your doing regular black and gray or using color, a long stroke, large gap between front spring and ... Read More »

What types of Spring flowers will you plant this Spring?

sunflowers, dasiey, any and every wild flower i possible can.....nothing more beautiful than a field full of wild flowers....the smell beautilful too and after a fresh spring they are great.....hmm... Read More »

What is the spring rate in a torsion spring?

The spring rate in a torsion spring is the weight required to compress the spring. The spring rate is typically expressed in units of pounds per inch, i.e., the number of pounds required to compres... Read More »

What's an itch?

something that bugs u to death until u scratch it or a person that gets on ur nerves.....also a feelingof dicomfort of the skin..Itch (Latin: pruritus) is an unpleasant sensation that evokes the de... Read More »