Why does my dog itch each spring?

Answer Sneezing and watery eyes might be the common reaction of humans when they have spring allergies, but for dogs, it is itchy skin. If your dog is itching during the springtime, there is a good chance... Read More »

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What is it when you have some small red dots on the upper part of each leg that do not itch and are painless?

Answer Rashes unless seen by a doctor are hard to identify (even some doctors have a hard time figuring these pesky little things out.)If you are a man, wear jeans, this can be caused from your leg... Read More »

How many games does each baseball team play each season?

Major League Baseball teams play 162 games per season (beginning in April and lasting until September or October). Prior to the 1961 season, Major League teams played only 154 games. Neither of the... Read More »

If I buy a set of speakers that are 100 watt does that mean there each 100 or 50 each.?

No it does not mean each of 100w , the total is 100watt output.

Why Does My Scalp Itch?

An itchy scalp is a problem many people experience. You can find a wide variety of products and treatments to try, but it is more beneficial to first try to determine the cause of the itching. You ... Read More »