Why does my dog have seizures?

Answer Dogs, just like humans, can experience seizure episodes. Typically, a seizure may last 45 seconds to three minutes, and may cause a dog to have sensory or muscular dysfunctions, begin whining or ev... Read More »

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Why do puppies have seizures?

Seeing your puppy have a seizure can be a scary and heart-wrenching ordeal. Seizures can be serious and puppies who have had seizures should see their vet for a diagnosis.Canine EpilepsyEpilepsy in... Read More »

Can people who have seizures, have braces?

Yes, you can get braces.Btw, Keppra causes twitching.

Can pain cause my dog to have seizures?

According to Kristie Leong, MD, seizures in dogs can be caused by toxin ingestion, infections such as distemper, vaccinations, metabolic problems, brain tumors or an idiopathic seizure disorder. Se... Read More »

Can you take trazdone if you have seizures?

Not recommended. trazadone brings up blood pressure and may make your seizures worse. but do ask your doctor about it.