Why does my dog drool while in his crate?

Answer Crates are a means of confining your dog while you are not home. In the wild, dogs are den animals. A dog crate simulates the dog's den and provides a sense of comfort, safety and security for you ... Read More »

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Does Crate and Barrel carry flat screen tv stands?

Yes, Crate and Barrel do carry flat screen TV stands. Check your closest Crate and Barrel retail store to see if they carry it in their shop or purchase online.

How many bottles of wine does a crate case hold?

A case of wine usually refers to a container holding 12 standard 750ml bottles. Wine shipping crates commonly come in sizes that hold one, six or 12 bottles of wine. If a shipping crate is specific... Read More »

How much does a Singer Treadle machine weigh in a crate?

A Singer Treadle sewing machine weighs approximately 90 lbs. It takes four wooden crates averaging 3 lbs. each to pack the parts separately, but double the crating for the 35 lb. cast iron sewing m... Read More »

Why do babies drool?

because their teeth hasn't fully developed yet. Babies have no teeth to trap all the saliva in their mouth, so the saliva comes running out without any problem.