Why does my dog constantly lick everything in the house?

Answer Most dogs lick themselves, and sometimes other people. Dogs who lick everything in sight can be an annoyance to their owners. Finding out why your dog is licking is the key to stopping the behavior... Read More »

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Why do dogs lick their paws constantly?

While canine behavior isn't always easy to interpret, most behaviors displayed by dogs can be easily explained. Excessive licking of the paws in canines is caused by one of a few conditions or cir... Read More »

How did the towns of Beaver Lick and Big Bone Lick in Montana USA get their names?

Anuk Creek, in Manitoba..."Moose Shitz Creek" sans paddle...Don't forget Larry Bird's hometown, French Lick Indiana...The very best in America...To Hell You Ride, Colorado...

How do you keep a constantly flowing artesian well from freezing The well is constantly overflowing and winter is coming. will the casing crackwhat is the fix.?

As long as it's flowing it won't freeze.There is a well seal that sit's just above the pitless adaptor.It has a two way vent built in to let air in & out.It also has holes for the wire.

What does *lick* mean?

well if you're talking about if someone said that to you over the internet then it's a cyber lick