Why does my dog constantly lick everything in the house?

Answer Most dogs lick themselves, and sometimes other people. Dogs who lick everything in sight can be an annoyance to their owners. Finding out why your dog is licking is the key to stopping the behavior... Read More »

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Why do dogs lick their paws constantly?

While canine behavior isn't always easy to interpret, most behaviors displayed by dogs can be easily explained. Excessive licking of the paws in canines is caused by one of a few conditions or cir... Read More »

When you sell a house, does the house agency handle everything (in australia)?

This is what the conveyencer does (it does not have to be a lawyer - most house transfers do not involve a lawyer unless you are talking about a multi million dollar house)

Why would a person on one hand constantly find fault in everything you do but then turn around and tell you how good you are at something else?

Not stable enough or for want of a better word 'togehter' enough, or 'secure enough as a person' to take seriously. Don't give 100% value or merit to what they say, even 50% 10% merit etc. Look at ... Read More »

Can an unmarried father get primary physical custody of the child if the mother has constantly lied about everything and filed false declarations on him and denies him visitation?

Answer I'm also in a custody battle and my soon to be ex is a pathological liar among other things. You wouldn' think that they would be given custody, but he's a very good liar. I need to expose... Read More »