Why does my dog constantly itch his ears&shake his head?

Answer Two common causes of a dog constantly shaking its head and itching its ears are ear mites or a deep ear infection along with a yeast infection. A pet owner can tell the difference between the two b... Read More »

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Why does my head itch?

Stop putting your hair up to tight I have the same problem

Why do I feel my heartbeat in my head constantly?

Maybe your not doing enough exercise, or your feeling very stress and scared about something? Idk theres lots of possibilities. Check out a doctor if you can ;P

A bird is constantly attacking my head in our front yard. Wat do?

Your experiencing something that is called mobbing. Reasons the bird is defending nest or territory and views you as a threat. Birds don't nest during winter this is unlikely. It could be trying to... Read More »

Why does your 8 month old infant constantly grab the back of her head as though it itches?

I'm sorry i don't have an answer, but my 3 month old does the same thing! i will get back if i find anymore info!