Why does my dog chew wood?

Answer Chewing is a natural tendency for any dog, but chewing wood can cause harm and should not be encouraged. Finding out why your dog chews wood is the first step to stopping the behavior.TeethingTeeth... Read More »

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Why can animals chew wood?

Many animals have the habit of chewing on wood or plants. There are some key reasons depending on each animal. The species of animal determines the reasoning for this habit.Why Dogs Eat WoodDogs we... Read More »

Kin I whittle new choppers outta Pine wood Or should I use Yew to chew mah food fer me?

Aw Sippy...I luv yew so much I'll chew yer food fer ya!

Why does my dog chew his feet?

A dog chews his feet for various reasons, including allergies, yeast infections and injuries. This behavior can also occur if the dog isn't properly socialized. The source has to be determined befo... Read More »

Why does my dog chew on her skin?

A dog chews on her skin as a way to relieve an itch, to pull weeds or other debris from her coat, or because her skin is irritated. If your dog is chronically chewing on her skin you should check f... Read More »