Why does my digital camera only turn on sometimes?

Answer It probably only turns on sometimes because it is broken. Talk to someone who knows more about cameras, and ask them is they know how to fix it. Or, if the warranty hasn't expired, you can send it ... Read More »

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How can you turn on Canon digital camera?

Press the "On" button? try pressing all the buttons you see and you might be lucky ;)

My Olympus Fe-330 digital camera won't turn on what do i do?

I think it's because its low battery. Or maybe if it is not low battery then you might as well go to the shops where you brought the digital camera so they can fix it for you. Good luck :)

How can i turn my digital camera into a webcam?

How do you turn the volume up on a digital camera for video?

Some cameras use the zoom control to turn volume up during playback.