Why does my digital camera have a delay between the time I push the button and the time it takes the photo?

Answer For what it's worth, my daughter just discovered that if she turns OFF the LCD monitor on her Canon Powershot S2 IS, there is no delay. How 'bout that. There's another argument in favor of optica... Read More »

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How use time delay on canon sd850is camera?

take it to the repair not shur anyway! im only nine!

Do digital cameras lose photo quality over time?

The auto-focus mechanism may not be working quite right. Take it into a local repair station and see if they can help you. You may find it less expensive to purchase a newer camera with many more... Read More »

Suppose you are sitting on your chair in the lounge room and you press the off button of the remote control Estimate the amount of time it takes the infrared signal to reach TV set incld solution?

When is best time to buy digital camera?

Electronics products `new model year' is usually around June. Probably just before or just after would be the best time to look for the bargains available.Nothing wrong with a couple year old desig... Read More »