Why does my cursor sometimes start to float away from what I'm trying to click on?

Answer Do you have an optical mouse (little red light underneath)? If so, it is probably the surface that you are 'mousing' on. Sometimes, with a oddly patterned surface, such as a wooden desk, the grain ... Read More »

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Why does my poop sometimes float and other times it sinks to the bottom of the bowl?

Eat greasy food and your poop will float. Eat healthy food and your poop will sink. Grease floats; fiber sinks. Mystery solved.

Cursor moves but won't click on anything?

Sounds like Mallware, Spyware.Depending how plagued your PC is. It's probably time for a reformat, and make sure you have such programs to stop the infections.

Razer lachesis cursor moves when ı click?

call the maker of the computer they will help you ove the phone

How do I click away the thumbnail of the latest videos I have watched from my subscriptions?

As far as I've figured,you can't.It's now a continual feed that's set up by dateand you can't change it..