Why does my computer want to save what I try to print in My Documents?

Answer Looks like a virus or malware to me. Run a full system scan using Avira or Malwarebytes. This should be able to help you solve your problem. Both are freewares. You can download them at www.downloa... Read More »

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Scanned documents from jpeg settings. I want to print them as documents?

Open your avorite word processor and use the INSERT command to add them to your project or NEW document and print from that screen.

Why does my computer print documents backwords it prints the last page first, etc. Thanks?

Its just a configuration that printer companies do these days. They thought it would make a difference because your pages are the same order they are on the screen but its not a problem. Most will ... Read More »

Help my printer dosent want to print documents!!!?

Empty black ink cartridge (so that it prints colored stuff online but not docs in black font)?

I print some documents but is missing how can i found it my computer?

I'm not really sure what you're trying to ask, as you've mixed up your tenses quite badly here. I would guess that the answer would be "you can't, because the printer spool is emptied when the prin... Read More »