Why does my computer think I'm trying to wirelessly scan?

Answer According to the specs I have seen your printer is not WiFi.Have you installed all the drivers.Not sure why you are getting that messageSuggest you download your latest drivers from HP .fromhttp:/... Read More »

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Why does my computer think I'm trying to scan wirelessly?… this site will help...

I have a letter that I am trying scan onto my computer. Unfortunately, it cannot be read after I scan it.?

If the document is handwritten, there is no way to OCR it. OCr can only ready jpegs images which contain typed letters and not hand-written ones.

Trying to scan a photo, but my computer doesnt see the printer?

odds are pretty good that you wont be able to do what you describe. printing is one thing. depending on the scanner, their may be a twain driver available for you to share and connect to the scanne... Read More »

So i been trying to scan pics from my scaner to the computer but the scaner menu wont open this is what i do?

I'm sure that once you actually finish a sentence, my friend, people will answer.What is it you do?Which specific scanner do you have?Which Operating System are you using on your computer?Have you ... Read More »