Why does my computer take so long to start up?

Answer Hi,That is usually because you have a lot of software loading when windows starts, of course in safe mode almost nothing loads at start up.Try disabling some of the things that you have loading and... Read More »

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Why is it when i look at my computer screen too long my eyes start aching?

There could be a lot of causes. Did you get a new monitor? Flat screens are gentler on the eyes than your standard CRT-glass-tube monitor.Do you have trouble seeing anything close up, like text i... Read More »

When I push my CPU button to start my computer, a beep sound continues, but my computer doesn't start. Kindly?

Chesk about power .... or change the power of you're computer to 110v if it is 220v ... and obisite

My computer tries to start up in power save mode even after fully shut down, can't get it to start up at all.?

To prove that it is stuck in power saving mode, press and hold the power button until it shuts down. when power light goes out, release it. Press it again to restart it. If it starts normally, it p... Read More »

When i start my computer then blue screen appears and my computer goes to restart Wat's the problem?

Check the writer isn't set as a slave or do you already have a CDROM sitting there as a master, two masters will conflict and cause what you say is happening. Or also if the jack cable is in backwa... Read More »