Why does my computer stay on all the time?

Answer you can adjust these options in the following places:windows: start > control panel > power optionsmac: system preferences > energy saver

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How to Stay on the Computer for a Long Time Without Your Eyes Getting Sore?

Staring at a computer for a long time can not only strain your eyes, but make them become really red and irritated. Here is a step-by-step article on how to prevent this from happening to you.

I need to stay up all night then go to exams. How can I stay up the whole time?

Go to your nearest walgreens. Get the walgreens brand caffeine pills called AWAKE take 1 during the night when you get tired 1 keeps me going for about 7 hours then another durings tests and anothe... Read More »

Why Does My Computer Screen Stay Black?

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Does Windows Defender stay on your computer forever?

From the Microsoft website:Windows Defender and on-going updates are available for no additional charge to Windows XP and Windows Vista customers.+++++++++++++++++As far as anyone knows, Microsoft ... Read More »