Why does my computer screen look shaky?

Answer make sure u have ur video driver installed..n degauss de monitor if de option is available...also it may b due to sum radiations near it...jj

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Why does the computer screen look blurry to me?

You may have astigmatism, like I do, which can make your sight blurry. I am neither long or short sighted, but use glasses for using a computer. Get you eyes tested and you'll probably get a new s... Read More »

Why does my computer screen suddenly look larger?

Change the resolution. Go in display properties, on the last tab i.e settings. Change resolution to 1280*800 click apply.

If you take a picture of a computer screen, why does it look weird?

It doesn't look weird if you know what you're doing ;-)Essentially, a TV screen doesn't display a steady image - dpending on the type of screen and the source (TV, DVD, bluray, game,...) it will di... Read More »

Any way i can look at a computer screen without hurting my eyes?

Why don't you adjust the brightness and contrast settings?Either that, you can set the monitor in the window and use binoculars from across the street. Reminds me of someone I know who refuses to g... Read More »