Why does my computer screen keep freezing. How can I stop this from happening?

Answer have you done a Disc clean and a deframenter? try doing these and see if it helps.

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Why does my computer screen keep freezing?

Hello, The most common cause of computer freezes is a corrupt registry. Most likely your registry is bloated and overstuffed with an assortment of useless pieces of data. The operating system while... Read More »

My computer keeps on freezing how can i stop this?

By system maintenance regularly & as follows. First of all increase your virtual memory or page file size open control panel double click system folder on opening page click advanced than Tick befo... Read More »

Why does my screen keep freezing?

i had the same problem a few days ago. i opened my computer and realized my fan was filled with dust, after i cleaned out all the dust, my screen has never frozen again.

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