Why does my computer screen freeze often?

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How do I freeze a computer screen?

WindowsPress the "Print Screen" key (on some keyboards this key might also read "PrtScn," "PRTSC" or PRTSCN") to freeze the computer screen and copy it to the Clipboard. Go to the "Start" menu, cli... Read More »

Why does my computer screen freeze?

Google Earth is probable using up too much processor time and memory. Kill some non-vital processes with the taskmanager and then see if it still freezes up or not. Also you may not have enough v... Read More »

How to Remove an Adware Virus that Causes the Computer Screen to Freeze?

Removing a virus that causes the computer screen to randomly freeze is a difficult issue, as your work could be interrupted at any moment and the computer could require a reboot. To remove the viru... Read More »

How to Disable an On-Screen Volume Control Display Because It Tends to Freeze the Screen?

If the "Volume Control" icon on your Windows desktop tends to freeze your screen when you use it, you can remove it from your Task Bar. It is important to note, however, that an application like "V... Read More »