Why does my computer restart?

Answer you might have a virus try running a virus check!

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Why does a computer restart abruptly by itself ?

I would suspect a virus or spyware. Check your anti-virus, get updates, then run a full scan.You should have an anti-spyware solution on your computer. I recommend that you go to http://www.downloa... Read More »

Why does my computer restart when I turn it on?

Obviously the boot files are corrupted. You could try the Repair option on the installation CD - this would get you going perhaps - enough to get your data backed down.Reinstallation of the OS coul... Read More »

Why does my screen resolution keep resetting when I restart my computer using LINUX Ubuntu?

Try these instructions.If these do not work I would suggest that you either search the ubunutu users list or subscribe and post a message. I have found them to be very helpful.Good luck

I use my TV as my computer monitor and sometimes it requires me to restart me computer. Why is this?

change the power settings of your computergo to start then typed in the search bar: Power options then change plan settings set "turn off display" and put "computer to sleep" to never. good luck