Why does my computer overheat when playing minecraft?

Answer If anyone is looking for a really kickass minecraft server check out this one!

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What makes a computer overheat?

OK - much has been mentioned, so I'll try and tie everything together with a couple of extra points. By the way, why did you go with Intel for your CPU - AMD's have long been know to run much coole... Read More »

How to Overheat a Computer on Purpose?

Most people want to keep their computer running safely and efficiently by allowing the fans to cool the internal workings. At times, computers will overheat by accident for a different number of re... Read More »

How to Start Playing Minecraft?

When you start Minecraft, you may not know what is going on. Well this article will explain to you what is going on and how to start your virtual Minecraft journey.

What computer did notch use to code minecraft or, what computer would run tekkit best.?

You obviously don't understand computers.... He used a complicated programming language named "Java" And for tekkit i would recommend a 350 400$ computer...