Why does my computer no longer get audio?

Answer No audio coming from a computer's speakers could be the result of many issues from unplugged speakers to a corrupt sound driver. Determining the cause of the lack of sound will help resolve the pro... Read More »

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Does copying an audio book cause a computer to crash?

On One Hand: There May Be Software Issues.Copying an audio book would not be the sole reason for a computer crash. The functions running behind copying an audio book may be overworking the computer... Read More »

Why does my computer slow down when playing audio or video?

There are few things more annoying than launching a video or audio program and finding out that your computer has suddenly decided to become sluggish and unresponsive. There are a number of possibl... Read More »

Itunes. If I download an audio book to my home computer, but I sync my iphone on my work computer...?

you should be able to e-mail yourself the file...or burn it on a cd and transfer it.if you bought it from itunes, yes you can authorize a file to play on up to 5 computers.long time no see : )hope ... Read More »

Does anyone know of software to manually control the Audio-Out jack on your computer to be able to switch from headphones to speakers without removing the headphone plug?