Why does my computer keep turning off and restarting on its own?

Answer Oh oh...danger danger..."blue screen of death".... take your computer to a small independet computer repair shop, tell them your problem, and let them "debug" it/repair it.. take your program discs... Read More »

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Why does my friend have to keep restarting her computer ?

Hi Na NaSometimes, you have to do a full restart to clean the cache and this has to be done even with a DSL. Her line is not clean but nowadays, with all the computer hackers trying to invade your ... Read More »

Why does my computer keep turning itself off?

Either hard-drive failure, power supply problem or virus I'd say. First of all run anti-virus and anti-spyware scans (download free AVG at and ) to rule ... Read More »

Why does battlefield 2142 keep resetting or turning off my computer?

First thing to do with any game you buy is go to the games website to see if they have released a patch for the game if they have download it and install it. They release the patches to fix problem... Read More »

Why do my computer keep restarting after every five minutes?

you probably have a virus. go to