Why does my computer keep shutting itself off after I start it?

Answer I would call dell and tell them the problem.

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Can it damage your computer to switch off the power instead of shutting down via the start menu?

If you cut the power to the computer, it can't finish writing its cached data to the disk (to speed things up, when it's busy the computer holds some stuff that should be written on disk in memory ... Read More »

I got a new power supply for my computer bcause my computer kept on shutting off now it is doing it again why?

mine did that 2, till it blew... the fan on mine was clogged and the inside was sooo dusty. it overheated. check urs...

Can Windows XP Professional start itself when shutting down?

There are instances when Microsoft's Windows XP Professional operating system will automatically start itself after shutting down. This can occur due to having "automatically restart" selected on t... Read More »

Why does my computer keep shutting off?

I would start taking backups. Blue screens normally mean a hard drive failure occurring.