Why does my computer keep shutting down randomy?

Answer your computer is over-heating.

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My computer just randomy shut off it did twice what could it be?

I got a new power supply for my computer bcause my computer kept on shutting off now it is doing it again why?

mine did that 2, till it blew... the fan on mine was clogged and the inside was sooo dusty. it overheated. check urs...

Computer Shutting Down?

Laptop computers have 1 to 3 fans internally, to keep things cool. The fans have an intake grill, and an exhaust port. If you are actually using your laptop on your lap, it is possible for clothi... Read More »

What exactly happens when a computer is shutting down?

Actually a hell of a lot goes on but basically:1. Closes all applications and any files those applications have open (you may be given opportunity to save files)2. Shuts down all services not requi... Read More »