Why does my computer keep shutting down randomy?

Answer your computer is over-heating.

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Why does my computer keep shutting off?

I would start taking backups. Blue screens normally mean a hard drive failure occurring.

Does forcefully shutting down a computer do anything bad?

Fragments the harddrive and it can cause other issues with the installed software/OS. It is possible, though I feel unlikely, you could do damage to the hardware components as you do not let them ... Read More »

Why does my hp pavilion dv6000 keep on shutting down by itself someone help please!!?

You need to check your hard drive to make sure it's okay, is it making any noise? if not you might have a faulty fan, and you will need to replace it.

Why does my computor keep freezing,that i can only right the wrong by shutting down and restarting it?

if you're running a lot of applications at the same time. then your running out of resources. you just have to upgrade your memory. also if you haven't cleared your temp internet so. t... Read More »