Why does my computer keep going to search on everything?

Answer Scan your computer with anti-virus. If it not work, then restore your computer on previous working date.

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Why does the fan in my computer keep going on and off all the time. very noisy!?

Your computer sounds like it's overheating. Try checking the back where the vents are, it might be getting clogged up with dust and check the fan for dust, you will need to take the side off your c... Read More »

What do you do if your 15 and 10 weeks pregnant your boyfriend is 21 and your going to keep the baby he has a great well paying job and you have everything figured out but scared any advice?

Well, make sure you REALLY got it all figured out. Ask yourself "Do you really want to keep the baby?" and if you really do, you're going to fight for it, because come on, does age really matter at... Read More »

How long does Dogpile keep search records?

When you have your Dogpile "Recent Searches" preference settings set to "On," Dogpile keeps a record of your 15 most recent searches. Unless you manually clear these search records yourself, they w... Read More »

How to Keep an Apple Computer from Going to Sleep or Dimming While the Screen Is Open with Caffeine?

Have you ever wanted to keep you apple mac from falling asleep or dimming when you are away? Well this short article will certainly do the job for you.