Why does my computer keep going to search on everything?

Answer Scan your computer with anti-virus. If it not work, then restore your computer on previous working date.

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How do I search the pictures on a computer?

Open the Windows XP Search Companion(Using Classic Start Menu) Click the "Start" button. Point to "Search" and select "For Files or Folders..."(Using default Start Menu) Click the "Start" button. C... Read More »

Can parents see what I search on my computer?

No, the only way somebody will be able to see it if somebody sees the history results ON your tablet. There's no way to see it otherwise. So don't worry about it.

How do I switch the computer search?

in the settings change the engine back to googlechange the homepage to googleand avoid this type of installation:next>next>next>install in 5 secondsthere are often very evil checkboxes ;-)

How to Search Your Entire Computer with Google?

This article has been marked as historical. Google Desktop has been discontinued. (Posted 2012-08-13). Google desktop searchEver lost something on your computer? and don't want to use Windows Searc... Read More »