Why does my computer keep getting hit by viruses?

Answer You probably have a RAT (Remote Adminstration Tool) hidden in your computer , this will be probably be undetectable and the owner of the virus will use this as a gateway to download other virusses ... Read More »

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Why do I keep getting spyware/viruses?

Update your Windows and anti virus/anti spyware as often you can ..Get a good firewall...people who often use file swapping software (Limewire, KaZaa, BitTorrent, etc.) or trade pictures on social ... Read More »

What is the best way to get free music for my Ipod without getting viruses on my computer? is a great site for free music legal too

Need help with getting rid of viruses, on computer help please.?

take your computer to the place u got it and ask them to re-image it. But first back up all of your information. Your whole hard drive and c drive will be wiped out so all viruses will be gone. ... Read More »

Why do I keep getting porn ads on my computer!?

I'd check for viruses. They're rampant these days!