Why does my computer keep freezing?

Answer Your computer is too slow to process what is going on. Shoot it. Then throw it off a roof and go buy a new one.

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Computer problem: My computer keeps freezing up and I have to force it to shut down,?

Sounds like a virus for sure. Just because you ran a clean virus check doesn't mean you don't have a virus.Anti-virus programs can only scan for KNOWN viruses. If a new or unknown virus has made ... Read More »

My internet and computer keep freezing up, whats wrong with my computer PLEASE HELP!!!?

Check http://www.pc-optimizer-pro.comWith pc optimizer pro you can safely clean, repair and optimize your computer.It will help improve your system performance without expensive hardware upgrades.

My computer keeps freezing!?

Windows freezes or stops responding frequently.This issue could be caused by any of the below possibilities. 1. Software related issue. 2. Driver related issue. 3. Operating system related issue. 4... Read More »

My computer keeps freezing, what could be the cause of it and what can I do?

Could be a heat problem, make sure your fans are all running and clean out the dust bunnies.If that's not it, then tune up your antivirus and antispyware software.