Why does my computer crash evertime i put a cd or dvd into the cd/dvd drive?

Answer in your case may be ram memory, super-heating of the processor or source of energy with defect. I have a great suggestion ..... tries this blog, I found the solution for my problem there. http://ho... Read More »

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If you let someone drive your car and they crash are they covered?

Answer yes they are covered Answer IF you had coverage, your insurance should pay up to your limits. If claims exceed your coverage, any auto insurance policy the driver might have would pay. If ... Read More »

What is a hard drive crash?

A hard drive crash is one of the most catastrophic events that can happen to a computer, rendering it unusable. When the hard drive of a computer crashes the entire system freezes and extensive wor... Read More »

What makes a hard drive crash?

A hard drive is a storage device in a computer. Because of the mechanical nature of a hard drive, it is prone to failing, which is often referred as a "hard drive crash." Identifying issues that ca... Read More »

Can an external hard drive crash?

External hard drives are susceptible to the same problems and data corruption that can affect the hard drive in your computer. If damaged or not properly maintained, an external hard drive may "cra... Read More »