Why does my computer crash evertime i put a cd or dvd into the cd/dvd drive?

Answer in your case may be ram memory, super-heating of the processor or source of energy with defect. I have a great suggestion ..... tries this blog, I found the solution for my problem there. http://ho... Read More »

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Does copying an audio book cause a computer to crash?

On One Hand: There May Be Software Issues.Copying an audio book would not be the sole reason for a computer crash. The functions running behind copying an audio book may be overworking the computer... Read More »

How to Make a Computer Hard Drive Into an External Hard Drive Kit?

If you no longer wish to use an internal desktop hard drive on its original computer, you can use an external hard drive enclosure to convert the drive from its internal interface to an external on... Read More »

Can my dad install his old hard drive into a new computer?

Shouldn't be much of a problem if it is in good condition.

How often do Android smart phones crash does google navigation/games make them crash more?

I have an android phone and I have had it for about 6 months. It has never crashed on me. I use google navigation apps pretty much daily and so far I haven't had any problems with them. I recommend... Read More »