Why does my color ink run out when I hardly use it?

Answer There are three possibly reasons:(listed in the order of likeliness to cause the problem) 1) (Most probably) Color blending.2) (Could be) The print head nozzles dried up.3) (less possible) Color c... Read More »

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All my wife does when she is home is sit on tumblr/Facebook for hours and there hardly any interaction?

Lol, are you kidding me?TALK to her?"hey, I think this is getting out of hands, yes you have the right to use internet and talk to people for fun, but not in a way that you give me absolutely no ti... Read More »

How can i get a job when i hardly have any experiance!?

What types of jobs are you applying for? What area are you located? I am not sure of those answers so I will provide this answer to you. At 17, there are alot of jobs out there that are available a... Read More »

Facebook users - What do you do when people you hardly know add you as a friend?

my wish ..if it's a cutie whom i wanna know more ..i accept the request ..but if he/she is some annoying creature ..i ignore the request ..(i know ..mean me..)

When does baby eye color change?

Almost all babies are born with blue or grey-ish colored eyes. Eye color will begin to change around 6 months of age and the eyes should have turned to their natural color by the baby's first birth... Read More »