Why does my coffee taste so gross all of the sudden?

Answer it may have been steeped too long. or it was sitting for a while while you were working, and it just became bitter.

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Why does meat taste so gross to me lately?

That happened to me too. Eggs and certain meat. I have become very picky and can't stand how certain things taste, mostly meat and eggs. Our bodies are always changing, even our taste buds. Plus, w... Read More »

***does the soy coffee frappuccino at star bucks taste good?

taste Latte coffe Organo gold is excellente and 100% organic, do you want samples? write me at

What does a Northern Lite Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte taste like Tea or Coffee?

rooibos is a red tea from africa. it contains no caffeine and has a great flavor on its own, however adding vanilla to it sounds great. It tastes nothing like coffee and has a black tea taste mor... Read More »

Most beers taste gross, any suggestions?

if you are trying them out of a can and don't like them, try drinking from a bottle. It tastes different because the metal doesn't 'leach' into the beer. Try a light beer, like Miller light or bu... Read More »