Why does my cockatiel bird act mean?

Answer Untamed or neglected cockatiels will often hiss and try to bite people who approach their cage. However, cockatiels can be wonderful companion birds if they are properly tamed. Given the right diet... Read More »

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Can a cockatiel bird talk?

Female cockatiel birds do not talk or whistle. However a male cockatiel will talk and whistle. A young male is the most talkative: He will repeat most words and phrases spoken to him or that he hea... Read More »

Can you feed a cockatiel wild bird seed?

You can feed your cockatiel wild bird seed, but only as a treat or reward during training sessions. Cockatiels fed a diet primarily of seed will eventually suffer health problems that may include m... Read More »

What does the flamingo mean as the national bird of the Bahamas?

Flamingos are sociable birds that enjoy crowds of people. Their pinkish hue make them attractive and exotic. They are plentiful in the the Bahamas, and they represent friendliness and welcome.Refer... Read More »

What does the banding mean on a bird sold from an aviary?

Pet bird breeders use bands to help identify their birds. The markings vary depending on the brand and type of band used. In general, the following are found on most breeder bands: a code that iden... Read More »