Why does my child with verbal apraxia lick his hand?

Answer Children with verbal apraxia, or dyspraxia, often lick their hands as a means of nonverbal communication. Children suffering from apraxia are known time and again to use parts of their body to assi... Read More »

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Can a mother take a child from Pennsylvania to Illinois without informing the father if there is no custodial order in place but only a verbal agreement between the parents to not move the child?

Answer When there is no custodial order the law generally presumes that both parents have equal rights to a child or children.However, the court will usually recognize verbal agreements between pa... Read More »

What causes a child to lick surfaces?

Child abandonment laws in west virginia. if a parent has not had any contanct verbal or physical for more than 6 months. is that child abandonment?

Should a step mom let a child kiss and lick her feet?

If we talk about small children playing they do crazy things and I see no harm in it. My daughter wanted to be a dog when she was little and licked out hands, legs and feet but she was just playing... Read More »