Why does my child complain about leg pain?

Answer May be just growing pains which are in fact real. Try massage and warm towels. But you need to see his pediatrician to be sure that it is growing pains. Some little kids can get bone pain from very... Read More »

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My child has club foot but it got corrected non surgically but now after 4 years when he involves in too much outdoor activities he tends to complain of pain the heels and feet why?

It is quite common for young children to complain of pain in legs especially after vigorous activity. Just some massage may solve the problem. Get the child examined once to make sure there is no p... Read More »

Child has yellow skin stomach pain and cramping frequent diarreha and pain in legs what is it?

Many sub-saharan African countries possibly Japan and India.

Im 38 weeks pregnant with your 3rd child you were dilated to 2cm last Thursday And for the past 2 days you have been having the worst pain in your sorry for the detail vagina Like PAIN not pressure?

Your due any moment really, I would call my doctor and ask them about the pain. I had pain on my cervix when I was pregnant. That was because my child was breech.

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